About Us

GEB- a company established in 2012 in the UAE, which took over the US based company in the the past and a media company owned by a business group in Abu Dhabi.. Combined and a newly established GEB, now has offices in Dubai, Ras El Khaima and Abu Dhabi.

GEB,  is a company, supported by local partnerships,  which provides business and media solutions for the government, and private sector in the region.

The company has 4 departments:

  • GEB TV and Media.
  • GEB Events and Entertainment.
  • GEB Marketing and Branding.
  • GEB Business Development.

Our company is a company with the AD partners and established entity with the government  media and business department. We as a group, provide services to the governments, media outlets, and private sector in the ME region.

We have worked with such clients, as Abu Dhabi Tourism Authority, Abu Dhabi Media, Dubai Media, Ministry of Transportation, Ministry of Culture, Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Economics, Clinic and 3 other major Hospitals in Abu Dhabi. In the USA our clients include: NAB, Disney, National Press Club, NIH, Feld Entertainment, US Post, and many more media and business organizations.


We believe in delivering communication at its best . The future of media and marketing communications can take several paths, but it will lead to only one company “GEB” that has pioneered the art of creation and production.


Our core belief is to entertain the human mind with the power of creativity.

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